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PASSPORTS recommended even on local travel

We at It's YOUR Time, Travel highly recommend using a Passport for any travel, even within your own country's borders as it makes your travel less weary. Please visit the United States State Department for details.

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Did you KNOW?



BARBADOS in the Southern Caribbean.

Barbados does NOT allow anyone except their own Military to wear Camoflage clothing. 

All others WILL be arrested. 


CAYMAN ISLANDS in the Western Caribbean.

The RARE endangered BLUE IGUANA has it's own habitat and is an interesting park to visit. HOWEVER, dare NOT touch, get too close or try to feed any of them or YOU will be arrested and heavily fined. They had been popular on the dinner table and were almost lost. No one is allowed to touch or harm one, even if rarely found out of the habitat. Penalties are extremely harsh. There were only a few left until they were protected and kept in close quarters for them to breed. There are several hundred now and some are being released back into a nature area reserved on the island. 


(pictured are not blue iguanas. I took these guys at my feet on a tiny 1-Acre island near Exuma Bay Bahamas while tossing grapes to them. They LOVE grapes.)


Odd to us!

CURACAO in the Southern Carribbean is 38 miles from Venesuala, South America. They make a fabulous Liqueur in multiple flavors. They cannot copyright the name however since it is also the name of their country.  


The Curacao locals are a mix of 90 nationalities and a Dutch controlled island. Most of the inhabitants are well educated and most speak 4-6 languages. Their native language is a blend of these 6 languages.


They are famous for their extremely colorful buildings but at one time all had to be white by order of the government. When a new head was elected, he said everyone should paint their homes and offices in beautiful and bright colors of their choice. (It seemed that he just happened to own the paint company on the island).


If a native calls you "Douchie" DON'T BE OFFENDED.  It's a love name meaning Sweetheart.  



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