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Visit our Cruises and Cruisetours TAB to learn more about our PANAMA CANAL 10-Night Cruise group Nov 11, 2015 and also our 7-Night BERMUDA Cruise group April 11, 2015. Lots of beautiful dancing, but all are welcome. Onboard DANCE HOSTS will keep single ladies on the floor.

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Judy & Randy just returned from Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and Grenada for Sandals and Beaches Resorts annual training.

Judy and Randy Esslinger just returned from Grenada, Bahamas and Turks & Caicos the end of October after our annual Sandals and Beaches Resorts Training to keep our CSS (Certified Sandals Specialist) certification.  The training is hands on as well as classroom training so we see, smell, taste and experience all that Sandals and Beaches resorts has waiting for our clients. We are so excited about the new resort in Granada. Air is still a bit of a headache, but Sandals is negotiating with the airlines for a direct flight from Houston. This will make it so much easier than flying to Florida and having long layovers there. Granada is famous for growing spices we find in our kitchens such as Nutmeg and Cloves. We had ice cream sprinkled with freshly grated nutmeg and it was delicious.


The new rooms were beautiful with the Sandals touch. Some even have a soaking tub on the balcony. The Butler Suites are beyond luxury. The Butler has you so spoiled that people have been known to take the Butler’s home with them, seriously. They are trained by the same Butler school that trains the butlers who serve the Queen of England. I met one butler who is also artistic and he actually surprises his guests with a painting he does just for them. He placed one on their Beach chair while they were swimming. I got to see it before they did. See photo. It is nutmeg. (Nutmeg grows on a large tree and resembles a pecan. It has a bright red rubbery looking ribbon of another spice called Mace that is randomly laced around the nut.)


Sandals offers a new restaurant there called Butch's Steakhouse after the owner, Mr. Gordon "Butch" Stewart that will please any meat lover. Soy offers fine sushi with the freshest of fish. There was also a fine Italian restaurant, French restaurant and more. Drinks are top shelf and the best part is, it is all included. Call me and book this amazing new location for Couples only. “Love is all you need”.


If you are not a couple, perhaps their largest and newest Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos will please you, It is great for couples and everyone else too. It is a marvelous property with lots fine dining in 19 restaurants, pristine beaches, water slides, lazy river, huge pools, the largest hot tub I’ve ever seen, Liquids night club and so much more for family, generations, friends, and just everyone. Look out for the bigger than life Sesame Street Characters and don't miss their evening parade and show.

Sandals for Couples / Beaches for Everyone and Both Resorts for the Finest in Destination Weddings

End the Mother and Daughter stress.  Let others do all the work, preparation and clean-up. You just enjoy your family, friends and each other.


See our Romance and Destination Wedding Page.

BOOK YOUR 2015 Alaska Cruises & CruiseTours

Until you experience the beauty of Alaska, you cannot imagine the crisp fresh air, the sharp claps of "thunder" as a glacier drops a huge iceberg, or viewing a whale emerging from the icy waters. If you travel in the early months of May and June, you will see huge waterfalls frozen in motion. The later months of July and August you will see them fully thawed and surging down the cliffs.


An Alaskan cruise is not complete without a land tour for several days. Denali National Park offers majestic mountains, peaceful valleys and a variety of animals to view. When we were there we spotted a rare white wolf, reindeer crossing right in front of our bus and more. It was beautiful and exciting. Native Alaskans gave us history of the area and cultural stories of their people as we viewed the incredible landscape. From Fairbanks, we took a river paddleboat and enjoyed seeing a Dog sled training camp, a native fishing camp using old methods of catching, drying and smoking the salmon, and much more. 


We visited an old gold mining river and actually got to pan for gold. I found some tiny slivers of pure gold which they put in a small glass tube for me. The value was about $25. One lady in our group found a nugget that was appraised at around $500. Lucky her. She had it made into a pendant to wear on her Omega necklace. 


For you Garden Club fans, the flowers in Alaska were incredible. Beautiful and fragrant, you need to visit to see them. Our stop in Vancouver and visit to Butchart Gardens was a gardener and photographer’s dream come true.


Call to book your 2015 Alaska Vacation and have time to make payments.

Renee Weaver joins us as a Travel Agent

Renee is now a travel agent for It's YOUR Time, Travel. She is working from her office in Irving awaiting your call to book a fabulous vacation. She has also put together a cruise group for April 2015. Call her for more details. We will be doing more updates soon. 

You can e-mail Renee at Renee@ItsYourTimeTravel.com


Judy Esslinger earns Title for Religious Tours

Calling ALL Catholic Priests and Bishops.  After much training, Judy has earned the title of Associate Director of Religious Tours through Unitours. Unitours, Inc. is a Priest/Bishop led Pilgrimage Tour Company. They have been leading tours for over 60 years. 


Headed by a Catholic Priest or Bishop (or higher), the parish and their friends can experience a spiritual growth in their faith as they tour fabulous locations in Europe and beyond. With a Mass daily the group grows together often bonding stronger than ever before with fellow parish friends and new friends. 


And what is even better, these tours are totally customized to the group. If you want to add a day in the wine country touring vineyards and castles, that's okay too. We are very flexible to please the group because it is your experience.


Please tell a Catholic friend about me, or if you are Catholic, please tell your priest to call me for an appointment. I would love to meet with him to discuss putting together a fantastic experience of a lifetime.  I am available to speak to the group and assist the priest and his staff with custom posters, information sheets and exposure on my website and Unitours site. Call my cell at 817 690-1518 or toll free at 

855 561-4123 or e-mail me at:



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The Country Music Cruise


CHECK our CRUISE Tab.   We have teamed up with the Music Themed Cruises that you see advertised on TV such as the MALT SHOP Memories Cruise, Country Music Cruise, Soul Train Cruise and more.


Also, we have many cruise dates on Carnival from Galveston reserved for you and your friends and family at great prices.


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